Mr. Kimbob: Korean food for Filipinos on budget (updated)


First, thank you for supporting my Mr. Kimbob Blog I posted 5 years ago. Yes, years! A lot changed already and here I am, super late in updating my blog. Mian! So let’s jump to the real deal.

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Korean Drama – Radiant Office Characters Review (English ver)

This is the english version. I’m gonna link the Tagalog ver at the end.

Radiant Office (자체발광 오피스) is an MBC-drama starring Ko Ah-Sung and Ha Seok-Jin which aired from March 15 to May 04, 2017. It basically depicts the working environment in Korea; from job applications, to interviews, to temporary position, to regular promotion, to promotion.

Note: there are a lot of issues along the way.

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